Linking Google Docs to a Jira issue

Use Case

This use case will outline the benefits and the procedure for linking Google Docs to a Jira issue.

Link google docs to jira issue - final illustration use case

Let’s assume you are a project manager or product owner in a tech company developing a new product using Jira software. With numerous project documents being updated regularly, you need an efficient and reliable way to keep every team member in the loop. 

The document dilemma

From technical and legal documents to marketing and design data, the content of any given project document rarely remains static. With documents arriving from various sources, they need to be continually re-attached within your Jira issue to keep every department involved up to date.

Unless you enjoy trawling through documents and having to upload new versions into Jira every time an amendment is made, you need an effective solution.  

Problems with attachments

Furthermore, when you use attachments, you can no longer rely on Google permission, potentially exposing confidential documents to all users on your Jira instance. This poses significant risks, particularly for sensitive legal or confidential records, especially in the current climate where businesses prioritize compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Keeping the process smooth and simple

Connectors for Jira transforms the efficiency of team communication and collaboration by seamlessly linking Google Drive documents to Jira issues, enriching discussions, and creating lasting reference points for future projects.

Solution - Linking documents

No longer burdened by the hassle of uploading and reattaching documents, the app ensures continuous updates while maintaining document integrity through Google Permissions. With the app’s intuitive interface enabling direct selection from Google Drive, Connector for Jira streamlines the entire document process, effortlessly keeping your team up-to-date, and enhancing project workflow efficiency.

How to do it?

Linking documents from Google Drive to a Jira issue

Install the free version of Connectors for Jira available on the Atlassian Marketplace.
Install Connectors v2
Enable the Google Drive Integration in the configuration page.
Activate Google Drive V2
Sign into Google to authorize access.
Connect with Google
Click on the Connectors for Jira button in the Jira issue header menu.
App Button
In the Connectors for Jira panel, click the + button on the right of Google Drive.
Link event button
Click the files and folders you want to link, then click Link.
Select files

The selected files and folders will appear in the Jira issue.

For more details on the process, please see our documentation; 📘 Linking files and folders.  

About Connectors for Jira

Connectors for Jira is an integration toolkit available on the Atlassian Marketplace. An easy-to-use app, it links Jira to all your favorite tools, delivering seamless connectivity and enhanced collaboration, saving you both time and money.

From small teams to global enterprises, Connectors for Jira provides a simple, user-friendly solution for Jira integrations.

Try our free version now and discover how Connector for Jira can boost your team’s productivity.

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Linking Google Docs to a Jira issue

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