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Checklist for Jira is the original checklist app for Jira. Ideal for ToDo lists, Definition of Done, Acceptance Criteria, and more! Smarter than subtasks.


Trusted by many of the Global and Fortune 500 companies to get the job done, Checklist can help you simplify your workflow in Jira. Whether you are a Goods and Services company or an Agile development team, Checklist will help you track what is important to you without resorting to Jira’s subtasks. Ideal for Definition of Done, Acceptance Criteria or any ToDo lists!

Distributed by HeroCoders

In late 2021, Okapya joined forces with Herocoders to combine our products and offer the best possible checklist apps to Atlassian customers. While our pals at HeroCoders are busy developing the next generation of Checklist apps on the Atlassian Cloud platform, Okapya remains the team that maintains and improves the Data Center version.


Simpler & faster than subtasks

Stop using subtasks for simple tracking. Checklists save time by seeing and modifying everything in one central location.


Multiple checklists

Using agile? Have more than one checklist per issue and for different issue types. Use Global items to automatically push changes to all existing issues across Jira.


ToDo lists users love

Get an overview of what’s in progress, in review or in any other stages of your workflow. With built-in statuses you can quickly indicate the state of items.


Automation & scripting

Standardize workflow through customized automation and scripting. 


Integration to Jira

Use Checklist across all Jira’s tools; Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Query Language, Jira Dashboards, Jira Boards, and more!


Integration with other apps

Take advantage of Checklist’s native integration with other apps.



Browse the checklist history to find out who did what.


Set priorities for checklist items to indicate which tasks matter most.

Due Dates

Add due dates to checklist items to stop missing deadlines.

Free-Form Editor

Edit all your local items as a single document in the free-form editor.

Import & Export

Easily import or export checklist CSV data.

Bulk Operations

Save time by setting various properties all at once.


Sharing some lovin’


Why do I need to first create a custom field in the Server and Data Center versions?

Checklists for Jira Data Center has been developed as a custom field since it offers a much tighter integration into Jira. It allows you to :

  1. Create as many checklists as you want.
  2. View checklists in the Create, Edit or Transition screens.
  3. Bulk update the checklist of Many issues at once.

Don’t worry, adding a Checklist Custom field is simple and fast.

What if I don’t need all the checklist features?

Use only the features you need. As your checklist needs to grow, Checklist for Jira DC can grow with you. Checklist for Jira DC is highly configurable in order to meet a variety of needs as no two organizations work in exactly the same way.

Do you support multiple languages?

Checklist for Jira DC supports English, French and German.

Will I lose my data if I uninstall the app or my trial ends?

The data stays until you delete the Checklist Custom Field.