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Checklist for monday

Create lists of tasks and complete them. Checklist for monday is ideal for ToDo lists, Quality Assurance or Agile processes!


Checklist can help you simplify your monday workflow and will help you track what is important to you without resorting to subitems. Ideal for any ToDo lists, Definition of Done or Acceptance Criteria.

Some stuff you can do with Checklist:



Complete items whenever checklists get completed.


Progress column

Keep track of your item’s progress directly from the board view.


Multiple checklists

Separate the concerns of your definition of done and acceptance criteria.



Organize your checklist neatly with sections.

Toggle All

Save time by toggling all your items with a single click.

Item Statuses

Keep track of your team’s progression with item status

Progress Bar

Boost your motivation by visualizing your progress.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop items to arrange your tasks effortlessly.


Do you support multiple languages?

Checklist for monday supports English and French.

Will I lose my data if I uninstall the app or my trial ends?

The data stays until you delete the data column, the progress information stays until you delete the progress column.

Do you have a Free Plan available?

Yes, there is a free plan with limited features. See the marketplace listing for more information.