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Jira & Google Calendar

Organize your team by using the Google Calendar integration to link events to Jira issues. Display event information in Jira, and create or edit events directly in Jira for seamless organization and time management.

How it works

Step 1


Install the app Connectors for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Step 2


Enable the Google Calendar integration in the app configuration page.

Step 3


Connect your Google account to Jira to start using the integration.


Link events to Jira issues

Keep everyone in the loop by easily linking events to Jira issues. Select events using a calendar picker or the event URL directly in Jira.


Create events from Jira

Manage your team’s time by creating or editing events directly in Jira. New events will automatically be linked to the issue you create them in.


See events details in Jira

Enhance your team’s collaboration by viewing linked event details directly in Jira, including the date, participant list, participant status, and more. Send invitations in Jira and edit event details according to your Google permissions.

Use Cases

Creating a meeting from Jira Service Management - Main illustration
Use Case

Creating a meeting in Google Calendar from Jira

This use case will outline how to create a meeting in Google Calendar from a Jira Service Management (JSM) ticket.
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Linking events to Jira issues - Main Illustration Use Case
Use Case

Linking meetings to Jira issues

If you are a Product Manager (PM) in a tech company overseeing a major software release in Jira, you will often encounter the challenge of ...
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Where are my linked events stored?

Your Google events remain in Google Calendar. Connectors for Jira only stores a link between your events and your Jira issues.

If I unlink an event from Jira, will it also delete it from Google Calendar?

Unlinking an event won’t automatically delete it from Google Calendar. If you have the right permissions in the event’s calendar, you will have the option to delete the event while unlinking it. If you don’t delete the event, it will remain in Google Calendar but will stop appearing in the issue.

Can everyone in our Jira instance access my linked events?

A user’s Google account needs to have access to the event’s calendar to be able to see the linked events.

Can I edit other people’s events?

Where is the integration’s data stored?

Links are stored in issue properties. See the Stored Data section of our Security Statement page for more information.