Data Processors

We share personal or customer data with data processors that allow us to provide our services more efficiently. We obtain confidentiality undertakings from these data processors with respect to the personal data provided to them. For more details, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Data ProcessorCountryCategory
AtlassianAustralia 🇦🇺Ticket management and help desk.
ChartMogulUSA 🇺🇸Analytics
GoogleUSA 🇺🇸Hosting, communication and analytics
HerokuUSA 🇺🇸Infrastructure services
HubSpotUSA 🇺🇸CRM system
SlackUSA 🇺🇸Communication
SolarWindsUSA 🇺🇸Application log management and archive
WordPressUSA 🇺🇸Website management
ZoomUSA 🇺🇸Communication

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