Google Sheets Integration to Jira

Jira & Google Sheets

Export Jira data seamlessly using the Google Sheets integration. Create reports in CSV format and update them from Jira. Share insights with non-Jira users while maintaining full data privacy and compliance.

How it works

Step 1


Install the app Connectors for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Step 2


Enable the Google Sheets integration in the app configuration page.

Step 3


Connect your Google account to Jira to start using the integration.


Export Jira data into Google Sheets

Export JQL search results to spreadsheets and save them in Google Drive. Share key insights with non-Jira users while maintaining your Google permissions.


Access your Jira exports

Maintain a log of your exported search results. Open the spreadsheets in Google Drive, view their details, update them, or delete them.


Update your Jira exports

Save time and update exported spreadsheets with one click. Refresh data without breaking the charts or graphs you’ve built around them.


What type of data can I export?

Only Jira system columns (Type, Key, Summary, Assignee, Reporter, Priority, Status, Resolution, Created, Updated, and Due date) are available for export at the moment. If you’d like to export other fields or data, let us know!

Can I schedule automatic updates for an exported spreadsheet?

Exported spreadsheets must be updated manually.

If I delete a spreadsheet from Jira, will it also delete it from Google Drive?

Deleting a log entry of an exported spreadsheet won’t automatically trash the spreadsheet from Google Drive.

If you have the right permissions for the Google Drive or folder the spreadsheet is in, you can trash the spreadsheet while deleting its log entry. If you don’t trash the spreadsheet, it will remain in the Drive but stop appearing on the Exported sheets page.

Can all users on our Jira instance access the export pages?

Yes, all users can reach both the Export issues to Google Sheets and Exported sheets pages.

All users can see the complete log of exported spreadsheets, but to view or modify a spreadsheet, they must have the right Google Drive permissions.

Can all users on our Jira instance access exported spreadsheets?

Access to exported spreadsheets from the Exported sheets follows the permissions established in Google Drive. All users can see the log of exported spreadsheets, but can only open, edit, or delete them if they have the right permissions.