Configuring Rekall

The Rekall Admin pages can be accessed by going to the JIRA Administration section and selecting the Rekall menu from the Plugins main menu.

Configuration Tab

This tab contains the options used to configure what is displayed in the Triangulation Board.
  • Story Points Field. This options sets the custom field that represented Story Points in your JIRA installation. Only Number Custom Fields are allowed.
  • Story Points. This options sets the sequence of Story Points that are used in the different boards. Add and Remove Story Point value to the sequence. Only numbers are allowed.
  • Display Time Spent. This options sets the visibility of the Time Spent option of the Triangulation Board. When the option is unchecked, users cannot see the time spent for each issues.
  • Number of issues to display. This options sets the number of executed issues that are display in the second and third columns of the Triangulation Board.

Issue Filter Tab

This tab contains the workflow statuses used to filter the executed issues. Every issue that has work logs and for which its status matches one of the statuses in this list will be displayed as an executed issue in the Triangulation Board.
  • Remove Operation. Removes a status from the filter.
  • Add New Status. Adds the selected status to the filter.

The tab also lists, when any, all the outliers that were previously set in the Statistics Board.

  • Remove Operation. Removes an outlier from the filter.
  • Remove All. Clears all the outliers from the filter.

Finally, the tab enable setting a specific timespan for the issues.

  • Select a Timespan. Only issues that have been updated in the specified timespan will be displayed in the boards. Leave blank to use all the issues found in the rapid board.

License Tab

This tab contains the licensing mechanism for Rekall. You can find here details about the license but you can also add the license directly from the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).