Displaying Checklist in JIRA Agile

There is currently an issue for displaying the Checklist custom field into JIRA Agile (formerly GreenHopper). It is caused by a limitation from JIRA Agile and it has been brought to their attention. You can actually vote for GHS-9626 to help it being addressed rapidly.

Until JIRA Agile fixes the issue, you can display a checklist in the JIRA Agile detail view by using another custom field that will act as a proxy to the real checklist. Simply create a custom field of type "Checklist Read-Only Proxy" and set its Default Value to the checklist you want to display in the Agile Board. There is no need to assign the proxy field to any screens as it just needs to be displayed on the Rapid Board. Then, from the Board Configuration page, add the Cheklist Proxy to the Detail View. The Detail View will now display the checklist but you will need to edit the issue to change the status of the checklist.