Configuring a Checklist

You configure a checklist via the standard custom fields configuration pages. To learn about configuring a custom field, refer to the Atlassian documentation.

Typically, custom fields are configured via Default Value and Options. The Checklist field adds two more: Discretionary Options and Parameters.

  • Default Value: Select options that will be automatically checked when the issue is created
  • Options: Create the items that will be globally displayed in the checklist for all issues applicable to the custom field context. When you add, modify or remove options, all non closed issues will see their checklist updated. This is how you set global items for everyone. You can also disable options. When an option is disabled, it will be removed from the checklists but will still be in the system. Disabling options is a nice way of tracking the progression of items over time in a Definition of Done.
  • Discretionary Options: Select options which should be optional. Optional items can be ignored by the Checklist validator during a wokflow transition
  • Parameters: Customize how the Checklist should be displayed. Available parameters are:

    • Strike Through: Applies a strike through effect on the text of checked items.
    • Show More Count: Set how many items should be listed before displaying a "Show More" link. Can be turned off by setting the count to zero (0).
    • Emphasize Mandatory Items: Displays mandatory and optional items differently so that you can easily see which ones are mandatory.
    • Edit Roles: Select which roles have the right to add/remove items at the issue level. When no roles are selected, everyone can edit the items.