Checklist Documentation

The checklist Custom Field is an extension to the Multi Checkboxes standard custom field. It possesses all the functionality of the Checkboxes field but is packed with more powerful features. Some of the differences are:

  • Displays the checkboxes while both in the view and edit modes. The standard field will only display them while in the edit view.
  • User can add items per issue and per configuration scheme. The standard field only supports per configuration scheme.
  • Let define who can add/remove items at the issue level.
  • Offers the capability to state mandatory and optional items.
  • Provides a Workflow validator that validates if specific items were checked before allowing the transition.
  • Displays an optional Strike Through effect when a checklist item has been checked.
  • Offers a configurable “Show More” link to hide items when there are too many to display thus conserving real estate.
  • Visually highlights mandatory versus optional items

The Checklist Custom Field can be used anywhere a user must make multiple selections but it is also perfectly adapted to SCRUM Acceptance Criteria list or SCRUM Definition of Done.

  • Read this article to see how Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria lists can be done in JIRA