Adding Checklist Items on an Issue

While you can add global items via the options in the configuration page, you can also add items directly at the issue level. This functionality is perfectly suited for Acceptance Criteria list where every issues has different items to check for.

To add, modify or remove items at the issue level, simply edit the issue and click on the "Add or modify issue items" link below the checklist items. If you don't see the link, ask you project administrator to give you the access rights or consult the configuration section. Clicking on the link will display the issue items in a text box:

  • To add an item, start a line with an asterisk * followed by a whitespace and the item's description.
  • To make an item checked, use two asterisks ** followed by a whitespace.
  • To make an item optional, enclose the asterisks into parentheses (*).
  • Add one item per line for multiple items. Therefore, make sure to enter a carriage return at the en of the line.

For example, you could write:

* Add a new item ** Add a new item that is already checked (*) Add a new optional item (**) Add a new optional item that is already checked

Just make sure to click on the "Commit changes" link to process the changes. Otherwise, the changes will be ignored when the issue is saved. If you make some mistakes while typing in your items, you will be notified when you try to commit the changes and have the opportunity to correct the situation.

It should be noted that the checklist global items cannot be changed at the issue level, only via the options page in the configuration section. Therefore, it is normal that some items remain in the checkbox form when editing the issue items.