Adding a Checklist

Adding a Checklist consist into adding a custom field in JIRA. If you are not familiar with how to add a custom field, please consult the official Atlassian JIRA documentation.

To add a new Checklist, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you have the administrator rights and that you can access the administrative menus. In the admin menu, select the "Issues" menu and then the "Custom Fields" sub-menu.
  • Click on the "Add Custom Field" button located on the right
  • You should now be presented with a list of custom field types. Locate and select the "Checklist" field and click on the "Next" button. If you don't see the "Checklist" field, ensure that the Checklist Add-on was properly installed.
  • Enter your Checklist's name and description and customize its context (issue types and projects). Click on the "Finish" button
  • You should now see a page where you need to select the screens where the checklist field will appear. Simply check the screens where you want it to be displayed. When finished, click on the "Update" button.

If everything went according to plan, you should now have a new Checklist in JIRA. Note that starting with JIRA 6.1, it is now possible to add custom fields directly from the View Issue page. If you create a new Checklist field from that route, you will be forced to enter at least one option since the Option field is a mandatory one. In the case where you don't wish to enter options, you will have to enter a dummy one that can then be removed from the Custom Field Configuration page. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is a limitation from JIRA as it wrongfully assumes that options are mandatory.